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Meet Your Eco Warriors.


Hi a warm welcome to Earthglade.

My name is David Crowe, a lifetime resident of Norwich.

I live my life with a positive outlook and look for beauty in everything.

Having said that I have become increasingly dismayed on how the Earth is constantly being polluted and overworked to fuel a consumer led society. Now I am not against a shopping trip as I love it myself, but we need to be more aware of what damage our habits bring to our environment. We need to buy products that tell a story of their beginnings, of products that have benefited those who have produced them without cost to the Earth.

Great gains have already been made in the fight against our self destruction with the push to eliminate single use plastics and a raising awareness of our plight by various ecological groups around the globe. I constantly try to alter my own habits in favour of eco friendly alternatives. This is a struggle that no one can achieve over night and I do not expect this of anyone. I am not against plastic, it has many positive uses. It just needs to be produced so that it can be recycled or disposed of without causing harm.

What I want to do with this new venture of mine is bring more awareness and to provide products that do not harm the planet. I have with my best efforts found items that are sustainable, organic, fair trade and/or recycled. I welcome any advice or useful information that helps promote the ethics of this company and feedback on my products.

I hope this venture brings a little light into peoples lives and provides a place on this our Earth for us to shine.



I am Dave's motivator and product advisor. I will also be attending events to work the stall, collect tea and carry boxes. I promote the products and eco friendly education / campaigns on social media.


Hi. I am the tech support. Which means I hopefully get things to work the way they should.


Hi. I am a part time sales assistant on the stalls and have volunteered at Hallswood animal sanctuary charity shop. I sort the waste for Terracycle collection to raise funds for the charity.