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The Faceless Ones - A story of 2020

· 435 words · about 2 minutes

The Faceless Ones.

There have always been struggles. We have struggled with gender equality, we have struggled with sexual recognition, we have struggled with racial prejudice, we have struggled with climate abuse. For some these struggles still go on.

In the past the individuals that fought for these struggles were either ignored or vilified. They wore a mask and became outlaws, rebels, the faceless ones.

With the advent of digital technology and ever expanding social media our faceless ones found a voice on this planet. The mask had come off revealing injustices to the masses. The biggest injustice being the plight of planet earth against humanities greed which could rob us of our home.

Unfortunately the same media outlets that helped our faceless ones have been the vehicle to feed our ongoing need to own the latest fashion, the latest technology, to keep up with the latest trends. This has overwhelmed our natural resources and pushed us to create unnatural material that poisons our world.

It has become an addiction that desperately needs a cure. A cure that stops us robbing this planet of it’s resources without replenishing them. A cure that teaches us value of what we have. A cure that shows us the repercussions of creating material without proper handling on it’s journey through our societies ecological structure and it’s journeys end.

Of course as a race humanity needs to progress and many advancements have benefited us to live more healthy and stress free lives. We are a creative species that need to express ourselves and our curiosity drives us forward. But it’s the way we go about it that needs to become sustainable.

What is the cure? This resides in each and everyone of us. It requires us all to take responsibility for our actions. It requires us all to put some thought into what we do in our lives. It needs us to fight against the injustices of the world as a united front. One by one our attitudes, habits and opinions need to change to something that benefits this planets ecosystem.

In 2020 we have all sought a cure. We have all become the faceless ones behind our masks. Ironically our fears have produced more waste to the ever increasing pile with discarded PPE. PPE that has been produced hastily without efficient disposal processes. Our masks now add to our planets destruction.

Our intellectual masks that signified our fight for independence within the masses must not become something to hide behind. We must wear our masks with pride and turn our face towards adversity. Show our faces to the world.